Learning Tables


Take Off Reading Scheme

In collaboration with the RNIB, HumanWare includes a full curriculum in learning UEB braille using the Takeoff series. In addition to the Touch Plus's embedded tables, users and teachers can benefit from the resources provided thanks to RNIB. The resources consist of individual braille files to assist the user in learning each series and a teacher's handbook to accompany the Takeoff Series. Take Off is a second-level reading scheme aimed at young primary-age children learning to read using braille. All BRF files of the series can also be found on the Touch Plus SD card.


Using learning tables with the BrailleNote Touch Plus

The BrailleNote Touch Plus includes the learning braille tables. This allows the learner to confidently use the BrailleNote Touch plus, knowing that what will be read on the braille display will correspond with what has already been learned from the learning series scheme that is chosen.
In addition to the learning tables HumanWare, thanks to the collaboration with RNIB includes a full curriculum reading scheme called Takeoff. Use the BrailleNote Touch Plus to open the series of BRF files that will   tion, the learner can open the series of brf files on the BrailleNote Touch Plus itself
More information on using the Take of series with the BrailleNote Touch Plus can be found in the below documents or viewed directly from the HW buddy application.