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Victor Reader Trek FAQ (doc)


VictorReader Trek Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   What is the VictorReader Trek?

A:   The VictorReader Trek combines the world-renowned simple book reading and media playback experience of the VictorReader Stream with the added navigation guidance technology.
With the press of the online button you can switch from book reading or media playback mode to Orientation mode.  In this mode you can:
  • Press the “Where am I” button (familiar key 5) to identify which direction you are going, the next intersection, the configuration of that intersection, how far you are from that intersection and your nearest address.
  • Drop voice tagged landmarks for familiar locations you want to return to.  Marking one’s house for example would ensure you could always get back to that location.
  • Enter an address using the simple telephone keypad to receive pedestrian or vehicle turn by turn instructions.
  • Search what’s around you and receive turn by turn instructions to walk or drive to specific restaurants, stores, hotels, etc.
  • Virtually browse any map area, familiarize yourself with your environment and prepare for a trip in another location while sitting at home.
  • And much more

Q:   Is the hardware the exact same as the VictorReader Stream?

A:   No, the Trek contains several significant upgrades to the Stream hardware:
  • State of the art GPS module
  • Significantly improved processor speed over that of the Stream
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Vibration motor for tactile notification of instructions
  • Single headphone / microphone jack for support of headsets with control keys on them
  • Tactile identification found on the 2, 4, 6, 8 and 5 keys for quick identification with one hand while outside
  • Slightly thicker profile to accommodate GPS antenna

Q:   I am a Stream user but am looking for a device to help with orientation while I am traveling.  Does the Trek have a steep learning curve?

A:   Not at all.  The Trek was designed with both the user of the Stream and Trekker Breeze in mind to simplify the learning curve.  Many of the same buttons do the same functions regardless of whether you are reading a book or in orientation mode.  For example, the number 5 key is the “Where am I” function in both modes.  The 7 key launches the settings menu.  The “Go To” key launches the Go to function for routes or landmarks in Orientation mode.  ETC.  A full command list is below.


Book Reading / Media Playback


Go To

Go to page / time / search

Single tap go to landmark, press and hold, go to route


Toggle among offline and online bookshelves and orientation mode

Toggle among offline and online bookshelves and orientation mode


Bookmark functions, press and hold, insert bookmark

Single tap, record landmark, press and hold, create route


Bookshelf, press and hold, enter user guide

Press and hold, enter user guide


Up arrow when available

Enter the Map browsing mode


item functions (delete, move, etc)

Certain shortcuts on landmarks such as delete / rename


Previous item

Left arrow, press and hold, indoor route preview  


Where am I

Where am I, press and hold, what's around  


Next item in a list

Right arrow, press and hold, open area lock.    When in routes press and hold for indoor route preview


Settings menu, press and hold change voice  

Settings menu, press and hold, change voice  


Down arrow when available



toggle playback mode when available

press and hold, enable backtrack


Cancel, press and hold, lock

Cancel, press and hold, lock


Information menu, press and hold, key describer

Information menu, press and hold, key describer  


Confirm, press and hold, power and downloads status

Confirm, press and hold, power and downloads status  


Clock / sleep timer, press and hold, set date and time

Clock / sleep timer, press and hold, set date and time


short rewind, press and hold, rewind intervals

Left arrow


Play / stop

Repeat / Stop

Fast forward

Short fast forward, press and hold, fast forward by interval

Right arrow, press and hold, open area lock.    When in routes press and hold for indoor route preview

Record button

Record note

Single tap, record landmark, press and hold, create route


Q:   Is there internal memory on the Trek?

A:  Yes 32 GB of internal storage is available.  This is also where your maps are located.  Books and media can also be stored on an external SD card if you have one available.


Q:   Can I connect my Trek to Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

A: Yes. Trek is compatible with most Bluetooth speakers and headsets. HumanWare always recommends using headsets or speakers which do not obstruct the ears while traveling.


Press the online button to navigate to the online bookshelves and press the 7 key to enter the settings menu.  Press 7 again and you will find where to enable Bluetooth.  Once enabled, scan for and connect to your desired speaker or headset.  The audio will be then rerouted through that device.


Q:  When I plug in standard headphones, I cannot record a note.  Why is this?

    A:  The Trek is optimized to record from headsets with inline microphones.  When a headphone which does not contain such an inline mic is connected, the system defaults to using the jack for audio and not recording.  The headphones which ship with the Trek contain an inline microphone. 

Q:   Is the Trek compatible with the Glonass (Global Navigation Satellite System)?

  A:   Yes  


Q: I have used other GPS technology including the Trekker Breeze.  On many of these devices I had to choose my desired state or region’s map individually when I was traveling in specific areas.  Is this the case with the Trek?

A:  No. The VictorReader Trek supports entire country and large region maps.  For example, if you live in the United States, your Trek will come preloaded with the entire North American map. You can use the selection/unselection in the online map menu or the new faster map installation option with a computer and SD card to make changes to the installed maps on your device. Please refer to the user guide version 2.1 and above for details.


Q:  When I am using the Trek outside, and standing still, my position appears to be moving even though I am not.  Why is this?

A:  Accurate GPS positioning depends on movement.  While you may be still, the satellites and earth are not.  To get the best accuracy it is recommended to move at a constant pace.  


Q:  I am traveling to Europe soon.  Do you have maps for many countries?

A:  With the version 2.1 and above you have access to world maps from HEREmaps; browse the available map packages in the “install new map packages” section.


Q:  How will maps be put on my Trek when I want to add additional map packages?

    A:  Because the Trek has WIFI, you can download maps, and eventual map updates directly to the device, with no interaction with a computer necessary.  With the version 2.1 and higher, you can also use the computer and an SD card for a much faster installation. Refer to the “install new map packages” section on the website or to the user guide for more information and step by step guidance.


Q:  How will I receive software updates?

    A:  The Trek supports automatic notification of wireless updates that can be downloaded directly to the device. Make sure you turn ON the option “automatic check for updates” from the online menu.  This is the same process as the VictorReader Stream.


Q:  What comes in the box?

    A:  When you purchase your Trek, you receive:

  • VictorReader Trek device
  • USB cable
  • Power adaptor
  • Small USB cable for support of thumb drives or cartridges
  • Headphones
  • Weather resistant carrying case
  • Getting started sheet      


Q:  is the speaker volume the same on the Trek as the Stream?

    A:  The Trek contains optional outdoor volume levels available only in orientation mode for use in louder environments outdoors while traveling. There are 5 additional outdoor volume levels available.


Q:  How do I record a landmark using the Trek?

    A: Switch to Orientation mode using the online button.  Travel to the location where you want to drop the landmark and either press the bookmark (diamond) shaped button, or press the record button on the side of the device.  Speak into the Trek to identify where you are, and within a few seconds the landmark will be recorded.are, and within a few seconds the landmark will be recorded.


Q:  How do I enter an address on the Trek?

    A:  While in orientation mode, press and hold the Go To button to select a landmark as your destination.  Press the left arrow to go    to enter an address.  Now use the telephone keypad to enter the city, street and civic number.  Remember that you can tap the sleep button to learn what characters each button on the keypad represents. 

Q:  What if I plan on only using the Trek for orientation information and will rarely use it to read books or listen to podcasts?  Can I always just use it as a navigation assistant?

    A:  The Trek intelligently remembers the last mode you were in when the device is powered off so if you use it for GPS navigation only, it will always default to this when you turn it back on. 


Q:  I used to listen to Audible books on my VictorReader Stream.  Is the Trek compatible with Audible?

    A:  Audible has been compatible since version 1.1.3. Please turn on “automatic check for updates” in Online Bookshelf setting and connect your Trek to Wi-Fi if you are still on an earlier version and update to the new software version.


Q: How do I activate my Trek to download Audible books?

A: To activate your Trek with Audible you need to use a software application called Audible Sync. You will need to download the Audible Sync app from the Audible website. Navigate to the Audible web site and type “Audible Sync” in the search field, then select the option for the Audible Sync app from the results and download and install the app.
After installing the Audible Sync app, choose to sign in then connect your Trek to your computer using the long USB cable making sure your Trek is OFF when you plug it in. Once it is plugged in, turn your Trek ON and wait a few moments for your computer to detect your device as a removable drive. Head to the devices area in the Audible Sync app and choose the “Activate Device” option.
Sign in again, and then you can choose to head to your library to download a book. Once it is downloaded, you’ll choose the “Copy to Device” option. Once the copy is complete, you’ll find the book on the Audible bookshelf of the Trek.

Q:  I am a member of several book library sources such as NLS in the US along with Bookshare.  Is the Trek compatible with these services?

    A:  The Trek is compatible with all sources of books that the previous VictorReader Stream has been compatible with for years.


Q:  Why does my Trek say that it has around 16 GB of storage available in its internal storage when I have not put anything on the device yet?

    A:  For users in North America, which has the largest map size of all the regions, between the maps, the operating system, the reserved storage for updates and the Victor software itself, the usable space for user storage is 16 GB.  This internal storage can be used for landmarks, books, routes, podcasts, etc.


Q:  How long does Trek take to acquire a satellite fix? 

A:  Trek will normally acquire a satellite fix very quickly, usually within 5 to 30 seconds. It may take longer than this the first time you switch the device on and if the Trek has been switched off for more than 3 days. GPS data is stored on the device for 3 days so after this time the device must download the satellite information again. If your device has been switched off for 3 days or more, we would recommend you leave it switched on by a windowsill before venturing outside so that it can gather the GPS data first.


Q:  After updating the Trek I get the message “GPS initialization Failed” is that a problem?

A:  This is not a problem, you can restart your Trek by turning it off, removing the battery for 1 minute, reinserting the battery, then power your Trek back on. 

Q:  Is the GPS not working? – wrong street? notifying "No GPS coverage"?

A:  If you have a new Trek or If you have not used your Trek for some time, and want to get it ready while you are home, you might want to either give your trek several hours to get back to speed with the GPS signal. When you are connected to WIFI, stay close to the window or balcony, and use the option “Update GPS satellite position”; that will speed up the process. The chances of the Trek catching GPS signal at your home is much lower than if you are already outside. Go ahead and walk a couple of steps outside, and you will hear repetitive ticks as the Trek is connecting to GPS satellites.

Q: Why does the Trek consume more battery than the Stream?

A: The Trek has a lot of more powerful processes than the Stream; the GPS alone automatically consumes more battery. If you are not navigating outdoors, we recommend you turn the GPS off to save more battery.

Q: I have had the Trek for a while now and it is starting to consume more battery than in the past. Should I change batteries?

A: Batteries in nature do lose from their power over time. If your battery is low, you should charge it for 5 hours plus and not 10 to 15 minutes.
If you purchase a new battery, once placed in Trek, it will take a couple of recharge cycles to calibrate to the new battery. After that, you should notice better performance.