Release notes

Victor Reader Stream 3: What’s new?

Version 1.2.0 – Features and bugfixes

Release notes (docx)

Victor Reader Stream 3 software update version 1.2 has the following new features:

Listen to Internet radio stations and podcasts! You can listen anonymously, with a free account, or with a premium account. To learn more about TuneIn, visit their website at .
We are now supporting dynamic menus for Daisy Online (DOD) services, allowing the users to get personalized menus when navigating their national library.

We are using the new API from NLS BARD which greatly improves search results. Try it! (English collection only for now)

You can now change your system's locale on the fly by accessing the Languages settings menu. You need to be connected to wifi as this will trigger a download of the new language.
The Stream 3 will now ignore "system" files (typically starting by a period or an underscore character) on SD cards.
Format your SD card directly in your Stream. Cards larger than 32gb will be formatted in exFat for better support. This option is in the diagnostic menu (boot using keys 2 6 and 8).

And a lot of bugfixes! This new version fixes the following issues:

  • The 5 key will again give the podcast information when used
  • Improved HLS streams support for Internet radio (some stations that didn’t work before might work now)
  • Podcasts import files generated from the HumanWare Companion can now be imported
  • We now check for update immediately after adding a podcast feed instead of waiting for the next update window
  • Certain search results weren’t numbered, they are now
  • Jump by percentage in text file should behave better
  • Fixed a crash that erased the reading position in books after a shutdown
  • Go To in the notes bookshelf works properly now
  • Fixed an issue where some files couldn't be deleted in the $VRMusic folder
  • Fixed an issue where automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity would not happen
  • The Stream should return in the last used bookshelf after a reboot
  • Bookmarks now use the first available number instead of the number after the highest bookmark, consistent with the behavior on the Stream 2
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t copy books/write to card on certain SD cards 256 gigs and larger
  • Lots of Bookshare/text files interruptions were fixed. We are still seeing some issues and are investigating them but this release should be more stable.
  • Fixed level navigation in the References bookshelf
  • Navigation in NLS search results improved
  • Exporting playlists using the 3 key in the Internet Radio bookshelf now works properly
  • Offline bookshelves now refresh more smoothly when adding/removing content
  • Raised the limit for book size in Bookshare
  • Go To Time in Daisy/NISO books works properly now
  • Fixed some crashes when recording certain Internet Radio stations
  • Fixed some crashes and navigation issues in the podcast app
  • Fixed a crash when adding certain Internet radio stations to the favorites
  • Booting in diagnostic mode now plays a double beep
  • Improved time announcements
  • Fixed an issue where the TTS was sometimes cut prematurely when reading certain messages