How to upgrade your tablet

If you possess a Connect 12 tablet, please consult the table below to see upgrade pricing options.

Date of purchase Cost of upgrade*
Between October and December 2022 $675
All others* $1,195

*Prices valid until June 30th, 2023

To upgrade your tablet, please contact customer service at 1-800-722-3393 and provide the serial number at the back of the Connect 12 tablet.

Where can the Connect 12 serial number be found?

Serial numbers are located on the back of the tablet (see image further below) or in the “About” menu of the Prodigi software (Prodigi: Settings -> About -> scroll down).

Is my tablet eligible for an upgrade?

Version 2.0, or older tablets, are eligible to upgrade. It is easy to tell v2.0 tablets from v2.1. Simply view the tablet’s model number and/or serial number on the back of the unit:

Tablet Version Model Number Serial Number
v2.0 PGI-400 4001xxxxxxxxx
v2.1 PGI-401 4011xxxxxxxxx

Example from the back of a v2.0 tablet that is eligible for an upgrade:

What’s new in Connect 12 v2.1?:

OS upgrade to Android 12 (Snow Cone)

  • Faster boot time
  • Run latest apps (educational, professional, social, and personal)
  • Supports modern security protocols
  • Improvements added from OS6 to OS12, examples:
    1. Enhanced accessibility
    2. Dark theme
    3. Increased battery life
    4. Quicker start up
    5. Learn more: Android Releases
  • New OS preferred and supported by IT professionals

Prodigi v4.7

  • Upgraded to run on Android 12 OS
  • Industry leading low vision productivity software
  • Delivered on a modern OS with all its new features
  • Review for yourself why Connect 12 is the total package:
    1. Connect 12 Webpage
    2. Connect 12 Video

Updated Wi-Fi hardware

  • IPv4 and IPv6 compatible
  • Access networks using the following:
    1. Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    2. 1x1 Access Points with SISO standard
  • Support for modern Wi-Fi security
  • Better connectivity across networks
  • Better connectivity for distance cameras
  • Preferred and supported by IT professional

Updated Bluetooth hardware

  • Support for Bluetooth 5.0
  • Better connectivity for peripheral devices
  • Preferred and supported by IT professionals

New USB-C power port

  • Easy to identify and connect
  • Robust, rugged, and sturdy
  • Replaceable standard cable

[OPTION] Microsoft Adaptive Kits

  • Support persons who need visual and tactile indicators
  • Broaden accessibility to other disabilities
  • Identify critical buttons and ports
  • Use with related peripherals (keyboard, camera, etc.)
  • Key components:
    1. Bump labels
    2. Keycap labels and applicator
    3. Port labels
    4. Opening support
  • Available as an accessory purchase
  • Learn more: Surface Adaptive Kit