The following video, audio and written tutorials describe several procedures to accomplish a variety of tasks using the BrailleNote Apex. These tutorials are updated frequently, so check back often for new content. 

Video Tutorials

I Have a Question Video Series, A series of short videos answering BrailleNote frequently asked questions. 

Apex Bite Size Tutorials for Education, Series of quick videos showing individual tasks on the Apex.

Click here to view past webinar presentations, Click here to view past Apex webinars.

Written Tutorials Documents

How to read pdf docx and pptx files on Apex

Viewing an Apex Visual Display Wirelessly (pdf format)

Using BrailleNote Apex as a Braille Display guide (web page format)
Using BrailleNote Apex as a Braille Display guide (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This guide explains the various procedures to use a BrailleNote as a braille display with several different screen readers.

Using BrailleNote Apex with iOS devices (Web page format)
Using BrailleNote Apex with iOS devices (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This short guide provides the connection procedure and keyboard commands for the use of a BrailleNote Apex with an Apple iOS device.

Basic to advanced BrailleNote tutorial (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This tutorial, designed by educators, outlines procedures to accomplish a range of tasks, from the most basic, to tasks for the advanced BrailleNote user. Bruce McClanahan, Washington State School for the Blind.

BrailleNote Guide from California School for the Blind (Microsoft Word.doc download)

Authorizing your BrailleNote Apex for optional applications (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This tutorial outlines the procedure to authorize the BrailleNote Apex for such add-on applications as the Oxford dictionary or the Nemeth tutorial.

Optional Applications - Getting Started tutorial (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This tutorial explains the installation and use of KeySoft optional extensions.

Migrating data from a BrailleNote mPower to the Apex (Microsoft Word .doc download)

This short tutorial describes the procedure to backup and restore data from a BrailleNote mPower to the Apex.

Reading files from the Intel Reader using the Apex (Microsoft Word .doc download)

Educational Resource guide for the BrailleNote Apex (.pdf download

BrailleNote Apex I.T. tutorial for I.T. professionals looking to implement an Apex on their network