KeySoft 9.5 Upgrade

KeySoft 9.5 applies to all BrailleNote or VoiceNote Apex models regardless of their current version. This upgrade is completely free to all Apex users and requires no new product key for installation. If you have KeySoft 9.2 or later installed on your Apex, simply download the 9.5 version and install it. If you are running a version earlier than KeySoft 9.2, please download the KeySoft 9.2 product key from to the same installation SD card or thumb drive as the KeySoft 9.5 software file found below. Once you have a KeySoft 9.2 product key installed on your system, you will not need to install a product key again for future versions.

Please note that once KeySoft 9.5 is installed, downgrading to a previous version of KeySoft is not supported.

What’s New in KeySoft 9.5?

Please note that once KeySoft 9.5 is installed, downgrading to a previous version of KeySoft is no longer supported.

Internet Radio

KeySoft 9.5 connects BrailleNote Apex users to thousands of internet radio stations. Inside the media menu you will find the internet radio. The internet radio gives you access to thousands of online radio stations provided by the OOTunes library made popular on the Victor Reader Stream and mobile apps. With an internet connection you can:

  • Search the library of stations by name, genre, or by a key word.
  • Manually type or paste a URL to a media file.
  • Play a station in the background while doing something else on your Apex.

KeySoft’s Word Processor Supports UEB Math

With the launch of KeySoft 9.4, the BrailleNote Apex was the first all in one electronic braille device to provide nemeth braille to print translation. KeySoft 9.5 brings this exciting capability to those writing UEB math. With many English speaking countries making the decision to officially switch to the Unified English Braille code, KeySoft’s UEB symbol selector and math capabilities can also be an extremely useful teaching tool for those in the process of learning UEB.

  • Writing math is now possible when using UEB as your chosen braille code. When using UEB you can write math on the fly as would be expected in a traditional UEB document.
  • Alternatively use the UEB symbol selector by pressing backspace with dots 3-5. You can pick from any UEB symbol category and see how the symbols are written. Press enter on a symbol to immediately have it placed in your document.
  • If you choose to print out a document or convert it to a Microsoft Word file, the math will visually look correct when the symbols are available. For graphical math, KeySoft uses abbreviations to represent this content in a linear format.

Quick Notes

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just need to immediately have a blank document available to take some quick notes? Perhaps you are late to class and the lecture has already started, or you need to quickly take down someone’s contact information. KeySoft 9.5 provides the fastest and most efficient way to quickly write something down.

  • Located in the Word Processor menu, you will now see the Quick Notes option, which is accessible by typing a Q.
  • As soon as Quick Notes is activated you are immediately in a blank document ready to type. This document is saved in the new Quick Notes folder on the flash disk with the date and time it was created.
  • For an even faster way to create a quick note, from anywhere in KeySoft, press backspace, enter and Q together (Function with Q on QT units), and you will immediately be put in a quick note to begin typing.

KeyMaps 2015

KeySoft 9.5 includes an upgraded version of the KeyMaps application. In partnership with Sendero Group, KeyMaps brings the first included completely accessible mapping experience for those with visual impairments. Using only your Apex, you can:

  • Download 2015 maps of your chosen country;
  • Find a specific address or point of interest;
  • Look up phone numbers and additional information for points of interest;
  • Virtually walk around a chosen location;
  • Create and learn routes from one point to the next.

Once you choose the “Navigation” option from the Apex’s main menu, or by pressing N, the application will be launched and you will be asked to register to obtain a license. You must follow the registration steps as the license is necessary to download your different maps and use the product. To complete the registration process, your Apex must be connected to the Internet. Each user can download their country’s map freely. If you would like to download any additional countries, or to purchase a license for outdoor use of the KeyMaps application, please contact your local HumanWare office.

Note: The KeyMaps application is an English only application and runs using the English speech regardless of your system language.

Exam Mode

KeySoft 9.5’s new Exam Mode ensures a secure testing environment while allowing the student to use their BrailleNote Apex only as a refreshable braille display during an exam period. Implementing a secure password protection, the BrailleNote’s Exam Mode keeps the focus on the test being taken, while providing security by restricting access to all of the BrailleNote’s documents and applications. Typical functions such as the word processor, spell check, dictionary, thesaurus, scientific calculator, book reader and web browser are not available while in Exam Mode. When the student has completed the exam, the teacher can enter their administrative password and all of the Apex’s original functionalities and documents are restored.

To enter Exam mode:

  1. Navigate to the utilities menu or press U from the main menu.
  2. Press X for Exam Mode.
  3. When prompted to enable exam mode? Type Y for yes.
  4. You will be placed at the log in setup. This is where you will set the teacher password for exam mode. Once set the student will not be able to leave Terminal mode and will be brought back to that mode if resets or other power functions are done.
  5. Press space bar to the “Enable password protection?” and type Y for Yes.
  6. Enter a 6 or more character long password and press enter.
  7. Re-enter the password and press enter.
  8. When asked to confirm changes? Type Y for yes.
  9. You are now at the braille terminal mode and you need to select whether you will connect your device with USB or Bluetooth. Type U for USB or B for Bluetooth and press enter.
  10. You will hear a beep and the Apex is now a refreshable braille display for another secondary device for the exam.
  11. When finished with the exam, exit the terminal mode with space with E (Escape on QT units”
  12. KeySoft asks if you are sure you want to exit terminal mode because it will require the Teacher password. Type Y for yes to exit. Note if you type Y and you do not want to leave terminal mode, a teacher must still enter the password.
  13. Type the teacher password and press enter.
  14. The device is now out of Exam mode and all BrailleNote functionality has been restored.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added additional print math symbols to replace previous abbreviations when writing Nemeth or UEB math
  • Fixed an issue where UEB formatting changes were not translating to print
  • Added support for the Cyrillic computer braille table
  • Fixed an issue where online log in credentials were not retained after a reset
  • General stability improvements

KeySoft Software Upgrade Procedure:

Note: Prior to updating to a new version of KeySoft, it is always valuable to ensure you have backed up your important data to a removable media such as a USB thumb drive or SD card. Once you insert the storage device in the Apex, the backup and restore options can be found in the Utilities menu.

Installation procedure using removable memory:

To upgrade the BrailleNote Apex to a recent version, you will need to acquire the software upgrade file. The software upgrade file has a HWI extension.

You will also need an installation SD card. If you do not have a SD card a thumb drive may be used, keeping in mind that the recommended method is via a SD card.

To prepare the storage media, follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Insert the SD card in the computer's SD card reader. You may also use an external SD card reader connected to the computer's USB port.
  • 2. Download the software upgrade file to the PC.
  • 3. Make sure to copy this file in a location you will be able to locate.
  • 4. Copy this file into the root directory of your SD card. It does not matter if there are other files and folders present.

Once the installation SD card is ready, please follow this procedure:

  • 1. Connect your BrailleNote Apex to a power outlet. Neglecting to do so may cause device memory corruption.
  • 2. Make sure the BrailleNote Apex is powered on.
  • 3. Verify that there is no SD card in the BrailleNote's SD card slot and that the USB drives are not being used.
  • 4. Insert the installation SD card. The BrailleNote Apex will confirm that an SD card was inserted. You will be asked to perform a soft reset. When the Apex has rebooted, it will ask you if you want to install this new software version. Press Y to proceed with installation or N to abort.
  • 5. Beeps and progress messages will be heard throughout the installation process. This Procedure can take up to 10 minutes to complete.
  • 6. When installation is complete, the BrailleNote will restart. The new installation has been completed when the startup music is heard and you are in the main menu. Note that the installation file has been deleted from the SD card.
  • 7. You are now ready to use KeySoft 9.5.

Installation procedure using the Apex internal memory:

Alternatively, you can download the installation upgrade file directly on the Apex Flash disk. When downloaded, the file should be saved in the Flash Disk's "None," folder. Please consult the user guide for information on downloading files.

In case of problems during installation:

  • If an installation failure message is heard, do not reset the device. Remove the installation SD card and insert it again. If the problem persists, contact Technical support.

After reading the above instructions, download the files from the below links to upgrade to KeySoft 9.5.

Download KeySoft 9.5 for BrailleNote Apex family

(If you experience difficulties downloading the software upgrade file to your computer or using Firefox, Please download this zip file for KeySoft 9.5, unzip the file on your PC prior to following the installation procedure described above.)

Download KeySoft 9.5 release notes