Module 1
How to deal with Homework.. Write, save, edit with ease

Get confident with your day to day tasks in creating, editing and saving your documents. Your one-stop application that is used in all educational situations, general lessons, lecture halls, examinations and access to coursework material is intuitive and straightforward. This allows for immediate tasks such as copying and pasting text while annotating textbooks using the multiple documents feature. Open textbooks and read them in audio or Braille at your leisure. If you love reading and writing this module will cover all your requirements.

Module 2
The world is your library... Researching online

The World Wide Web is a powerful channel for sharing and accessing information for researching and finding out unanswered questions. Exploring the internet allows you to access a significant amount of information without geographic boundaries and time limits. This module will cover everything you need to know from establishing internet connection to navigating around your favourite web pages. Staying connected is a must in this day and age, and using the BrailleNote Touch to research online is a task that we all use on modern day technology. The demand for internet connectivity is forever growing and is used throughout the learner's education journey and profession.

Module 3
Being inclusive in class...Preparing resources effortlessly

More often than not as a TVI you spend hours in the day or night for some, trying to prepare school material in an accessible format to accommodate your learners. At HumanWare we understand that on some occasions, there might be a change in the lesson plan, and the material you prepared is no longer required. As a TVI you are left in a desperate situation trying to make what you have available in an accessible format on the spot. Why not use the BrailleNote Touch to gain instant access to what all other learners have and leave the stress behind you. There has never been a better time to learn how quickly and efficiently you can make resources more accessible with little effort, ensure your learners can work together with no limits. 

Module 4
Taking off the training wheels... Achieving Braille proficiency

A continual challenge is how do I get a student learning from one grade to another. During this module, you will learn new techniques on how to further develop their Braille proficiency. HumanWare is proud to promote Braille literacy as this plays an imperative role towards your learner's success. 

Module 5
Becoming a global citizen... Helping to learn a new language

Broaden your horizons by learning modern languages that will not only boost your CV but will add valuable knowledge towards your travels. Select from the extensive list of available Braille codes and assign your favourite TTS (Text to speech) voice. Learn how to setup and deal with multiple languages in documents as well as using the native accents signs is all part of what of you can accomplish on the Braillenote Touch. 

Module 6
Erasing the barriers to communications... Touch for sighted friends and family

Being able to join in with your sighted friends and family has never been easier. As simple as 1-2-3 a sighted user can interact with the Touch without knowing any or little knowledge of Braille. Learn how to use the Braillenote Touch in situations where sighted friends wish to use the Braillenote Touch to show you their favourite YouTube video or a family member wanting to help with your homework, but both do not have any prior knowledge of Braille. 

Module 7
Entertainment in a digital age... Downloading Music and books making things fun

Listening to music and reading books is just a few commands away. Whether you are downloading books/music for school or pleasure, with the Braillenote Touch learners have instant access to their downloaded content. Learn how to download books from your favourite services such as Bookshare, Seeing Ear, Audible plus more, and get competent on knowing how to play them. 

Module 8
Science and Math... building confidence and maximising achievement

Science and Math are essential subjects and can be difficult for some learners where spatial awareness and tactile diagrams are slowly introduced. Using the Braillenote Touch learners can adapt to Math Braille and achieve high-level results whilst working in real time. Start to learn Math Braille by using the symbol selector or get creative with your formulas to create real-time Graphs which can then be presented in tactile form for proofreading before printing or embossing.

Module 9
Connecting with the outside world... Third-party apps, social media, Youtube, Netflix, and games

The forever fashionable subject ‘Apps' is the often conversation in the 21st century among the younger generation and why not be apart of it. Outside the classroom stay connected to friends and family on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter or catch up with the most recent movies and music on Netflix. The Braillenote Touch allows you to install many third-party applications from the Google Play store and is the first Google-certified Braille tablet so why not take advantage to help enhance learners social skills or use other apps like the concise Oxford dictionary.