Authorization key for optional applications

Authorization Key - Installation procedure using removable memory:

An Authorization Key is required to run any of the optional application running with KeySoft. To install an authorization Key, you will need to acquire the Authorization Key file. The Authorization Key file has an .hwl extension. You will also need a memory media such as an SD card or a USB thumb drive (it will be referred to as the Installation SD card later in the text) to perform the installation.

To prepare the installation SD card, follow the instructions below:

1. Insert the SD card in the computer's SD card reader. You may also use an external SD card reader connected to the computer's USB port.
2. Download the installation upgrade file to the PC.
3. Make sure to save this file in a location you will be able to locate.
4. Copy this file into the root directory of your SD card. It does not matter if there are other files and folders present.

Once the installation SD card is ready, please follow this procedure:

1. Make sure the BrailleNote Apex is powered on.
2. Verify that there is no SD card in the BrailleNote's SD card slot and that the USB drives are not being used.
3. Insert the installation SD card. The BrailleNote Apex will confirm that an SD card was inserted and will install all licences available on the card.
4. You are now allowed to use your optional application.