Using your BrailleNote Touch Plus as a braille display

With the release of the Touch version 2.0 software update, your BrailleNote Touch can now be used as a fully functioning braille display for other devices running screen readers.  Just activate the Braille Terminal app from your Touch’s Main Menu and choose how you want to connect to your secondary device, (Bluetooth or USB).  Below you will find guides and drivers for connecting your Touch to various devices.  Note that all drivers have been submitted to the major screen readers, but support needs to be implemented by the screen reader developers on their schedule.  Please contact your preferred screen reader to enquire about when they plan on implementing the BrailleNote Touch as a display.

Click here to download the Braille Terminal Tools driver package for your Windows PC.
This package, upon being installed on your computer, will provide you USB and Jaws drivers for BrailleNote Touch and Apex, along with the Brailliant line of displays.

Braille Terminal Tools driver 

Using your Touch as a braille display (doc)