Upgrade Instructions

How to Update to KeySoft 8.1:

Important! To Upgrade the BrailleNote mPower one must use an SD card that is no larger than 512 MB in size. SD cards that are larger than 512 MB in size will cause the upgrade to fail.

Upgrade Procedure Summary:

To upgrade the BrailleNote MPower to a major version, you will need to:

  1. Prepare the upgrade SD card.
  2. Download and install the Product key. Please note that it is important to install the key prior to the KeySoft version as the version will not function without the installation of the product key.
  3. Acquire the .bin installation upgrade file. Installation and upgrade procedures remain the same as version 8.0.

Users running a version earlier than 8.0 may upgrade directly to 8.1 after the 8.1 product key has been obtained. There is no need to first install KeySoft 8.0.

How to Prepare the SD Card?

To Upgrade the BrailleNote mPower one must use an SD card that is no larger than 512 MB in size. SD cards that are larger than 512 MB in size will cause the upgrade to fail.

IMPORTANT: You MUST use the following procedure to prepare the SD card before proceeding with the upgrade. This procedure erases all existing data from the card, so if your card contains data you want to keep; it is recommended to back up the card before proceeding.

  1. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the back of the unit.
  2. From the Main Menu choose Utilities by pressing U.
  3. From the Utilities Menu choose "Application program" by pressing A.
    • When prompted for "Run program from which drive?", choose "KeySoft System Disk" by pressing K.
    • At the prompt, "Directory name?", type Windows and press ENTER.
    • You will then be prompted for "Program Name?". Choose "Prepare SD Card for Upgrade" from the List of Programs.
  4. When prompted for "Command Line?" press ENTER. You will then be asked for confirmation to continue and warned that continuing will erase the entire contents of your SD card. To continue, press Y.

Within a couple of seconds you should hear the response that the preparation of the SD card was successful.

How to obtain the Product key?

KeySoft version 8.1 requires one count of a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

Existing SMA Owners:

If you already have existing KeySoft updates in your SMA account, one will be automatically deducted upon release of the version and the key can be downloaded by following the below steps.

If you do not have an SMA:

If you do not currently own a SMA count, would like to purchase the update, or check on existing SMA counts, please contact your local HumanWare Customer Service department.

How To Download and Install the Product Key?

  1. On a PC or your mPower, go to: http://pulsedata.propagation.net/SDW/User/Login.aspx
  2. Enter your serial number in the appropriate field. Note serial number = last 5 digits of print or brailled number on the back of the mPower.
  3. Password = frog1 and click "Log In."
  4. Make sure the radio button for "KeySoft 8.1 key" is checked, and then click the "Download" button.
  5. Click the link labeled, "Click here to download package."
  6. Save the Product Key file to the root directory of the SD card. Do not put the file in a folder on the card. If you are using the mPower to download the product key, download it directly into the "none" folder of the SD card.
  7. Plug the mPower into AC power and insert the SD card into the SD card slot.
  8. With the mPower turned on, from the main menu press U for Utilities.
  9. Select the option: "Install KeySoft Extension."
  10. Browse the file list on your SD card and press Enter on the file containing your product key.
  11. Follow KeySoft's instructions to complete the installation

How to Download and Upgrade KeySoft?

  1. On a PC or mPower, go to: Download KeySoft 8.1 software upgrade
  2. Save the NK.bin file to the root directory of the SD card. Do not save it in a folder on the SD card. Note: if you are using the mPower, download it directly into the "none" folder of the SD card.
  3. Remove the SD card from the computer's SD reader and insert it into the mPower's SD card slot.
  4. With the mPower connected to AC power, press and hold dots 4 and 5 on the Braille keyboard (keys J and K on the QT keyboard), and press the reset button on the left side of the unit, just behind the on/off switch. Keep holding down dots 4 and 5 (keys J and K on the QT keyboard) until the unit makes a sound, at which point you can release the held down keys. Note that if you have a Braille display, your mPower will shortly display: "Loading…" in Grade 1 Braille and a percentage that increases as the loading stage progresses. Your mPower will then display: "Erasing…", in Grade 1 Braille, followed by a percentage. A short while later, your mPower will display: "Writing…" and the same percentage as displayed previously. Note that your mPower will continue to display "Writing…" and the same percentage indicator as displayed previously until KeySoft starts.
  5. At the completion of the beeps (about 10 to 15 minutes), the new version of KeySoft will automatically start. Check that Version 8.1 is shown as the version number.
  6. If you have KeySoft extensions installed, you may get a prompt "System files have been updated. Press reset." If KeySoft does not specify the type of reset required, press the reset button with no keys held down.

Congratulations You Are Running KeySoft 8.1!

If you have any questions or problems:

Please contact your regional Humanware office in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia for assistance and more information.

USA: 1 800 722-3393
UK/Europe: +44 1933 415 800
Canada: 1 888 723-7273
Australia/Asia: +61 2 9686 2600