HumanWare's award-winning BrailleNote family of products is important to its users - in school, in work and in daily life. We provide:

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The BrailleNote mPower is a product which HumanWare can provide limited hardware support.  Such fixes as new motherboards, braille cell replacement, and limited parts repair can still be done, but as the product reaches 10 years old, parts and software are no longer available.  HumanWare technical support will attempt to diagnose your issue over the phone to determine if a repair can be done on your unit.  

Because of the age of the device, along with changes to partnerships  with services to provide software keys, HumanWare no longer can provide software update or extension keys for existing mPower, classic or PK devices.  HumanWare support will attempt to fix any repairable issues while providing phone support.

If your  existing BrailleNote cannot be supported further, HumanWare will work with you  to provide a generous trade in opportunity to trade in your existing BrailleNote for a BrailleNote Apex.