Use of the Victor Reader Stratus by the Physically Disabled

The Stratus 4 M or Stratus12 M models both support adaptive switch input for alternate access enabling people with physical disabilities to use the Stratus independently. A USB switch interface connected to the Stratus USB port is required to support the adaptive switch connection.

HumanWare has tested one USB switch interface called Swifty. Swifty plugs into the USB of the Stratus and in turn has a jack to which you can connect an adaptive switch. Swifty supports the community-standard plug for adaptive switches, which is a 3.5mm diameter microphone-style plug in mono or stereo versions. There is a wide variety of adaptive switches available that can be operated by almost any muscle that a particular user can conveniently and reliable use. The picture shows a popular button-style adaptive switch called Orby Switch.

Example: When user single taps the button switch it will toggle the Play/Stop button of the Stratus. A press and hold on the button switch, performs a rewind function on Stratus.

If users require alternate access via an adaptive switch, then they may purchase Swifty for the Stratus USB.

  • Manufacturer: Origin Instruments
  • Name: Swifty – USB Switch Interface
  • Manufactures Part Number: HM-0362-S
  • MSRP: $79.95 US
  • Name: Swifty with Orby Switch Bundle
  • Manufactures Part Number: SW-0105-LY
  • MSRP: $109.95
photo of the Swifty USB adapter and foot pedal

Disclaimer: HumanWare is not able to provide details or support information for specific devices used by physically disabled people.