Intel® Reader

Intel Reader Software Updates

Update the Intel Reader software to version 1.0.2


Download button Software version 1.0.2 is a free update with the following improvements:

•Third party DAISY* file navigation - files from RNIB* will now correctly display header information and page information if it is present in the file
•Text file fix - the last page of TXT files is no longer being hidden in reading mode.
•File organization in "Categories" is maintained after applying the software update.
•When the Display setting is set to "Off", the Display will reamin off after resuming from sleep
We recommend all users upgrade to the latest software version; it includes all changes that were made in version 1.0.1 including new navigation tools, enhanced display theme choices, and support for multiple volume books.


Hot fix for "Error While Processing"


Download button In rare cases the Intel Reader will generate a persistent error, "error while processing," rendering the device unusable.

This may happen while repeatedly capturing large amounts of text and turning off the power before processing has completed. To fix and/or prevent this error, download and install this patch.


Installation Instructions


Download button How to update the Intel Reader software

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