Nemeth Code Tutorial

What is the Nemeth Code?
The Nemeth Code is used for transcribing mathematics, and science notation into Braille. It was developed by Dr. Abraham Nemeth in 1946 as part of his doctoral studies. This code is used in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and several other countries.

What is the Nemeth Code Tutorial?
The tutorial consists of 78 lessons in 18 chapters spanning the explanations of Nemeth Code symbols and rules from the simplest mathematical symbols to the most advanced levels, i.e. calculus and statistics. All lessons contain an explanation section and most incorporate interactive writing, reading and proof-reading exercises.

Also included is a comprehensive, 500 page, teacher's reference on CD that contains an overview, full text of all explanations and exercises, answers to the exercises, and notes for teachers.

Who created this tutorial?
The tutorial content was created by Dr. Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken from Northern Illinois University. It was integrated into KeySoft by HumanWare.

Who will benefit from this tutorial?
Students attending fifth grade through college, or anyone interested in learning how to read and write Nemeth Code proficiently.

What model of BrailleNote and version of KeySoft is required?
The Nemeth Tutorial will run on the BrailleNote mPower BT (Braille Keyboard) and QT (QWERTY Keyboard), using six key entry. KeySoft 7.2 or above is required.

Can I create my own examples or exercises?
No, this tutorial already contains hundreds of examples and interactive exercises designed specifically to enhance the learning experience for each chapter's contents.

Will I be able to use Nemeth Code while using the scientific calculator?
Yes, Nemeth Code can be used for entry in KeySoft's Scientific Calculator and will allow you to insert a calculation into a document.

Is there a site license for the tutorial?
No, the tutorial is linked to a serial number on each mPower; it will only work on that specific machine.

Is the tutorial included in a software maintenance agreement?
No, SMA's are designed to increase functionality or improve features. Not all users are interested in owning a Nemeth Tutorial; the customer has the power to choose.

How do I install the tutorial?
The Nemeth Tutorial includes a compact flash card that contains the software for the tutorial. Installation instructions are included on the card. In addition, braille and print instructions are shipped with each tutorial

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