BrailleNote PK Compatibility

This page details the peripheral devices that have been found to work with the BrailleNote PK.

Note: Not all devices have been verified by Humanware. We welcome your feedback. To send feedback, email us on

Memory Cards
WiFi Ethernet 

Memory Cards


Lexar    128MB-4GB    Value, Platinum, ProKeyMem    128MB-8GB    Standard
Kingston    64MB-4GB    Standard, Elite Pro, Ultimate
SanDisk    64MB-4GB CF    Standard, Ultra II-III, Extreme III
Viking    64MB-4GB    Standard, High Speed, Professional


Ambicom    WL1100C-CF revision 2 only    Type 1 CF 802.11b 11Mbps
SanDisk    SDWCFB-128-768 Connect Plus WiFi + Memory card    Type 1 CF 802.11b & 128 MB


Socket    EA2902-139 Rugged Low Power Etherne