BrailleNote mPower Compatibility

This page details the peripheral devices that have been found to work with the BrailleNote mPower.

Note: Not all devices have been verified by Humanware. We welcome your feedback. To send feedback, email us on

Printers Embossers Mobile Phones Keyboards External Hard Drives
Memory Cards WiFi Ethernet Converters Audio


Please note: Printer technology and model availability change rapidly. Please help us keep current by sending feedback to

Latest compatible printers (Keysoft 8.0 and above.)

Brother    HL 5140 Laser Printer    With Bluetake BT200 adapter
Canon    BubbleJet i80    IrDA1.1, BlueTooth
Canon    BubbleJet BJC-85    Mobile printer. IrDA1.1, USB
Canon    Pixma iP90    Bubble Jet Printer IrDA1.1
Epson    STYLUS C84    With USBl adaptor only
Epson    STYLUS C86    With USB adaptor only
Epson    lx310
HP    DeskJet 450ci, cbi, wbt    Mobile Printer, USB, IR - optional Battery and Bluetooth
HP    DeskJet 460 cb,wf    Mobile Printer, USB, IR - optional Battery, Bluetooth. Printer requires the latest firmware upgrade from
HP    DeskJet 810c   
HP    DeskJet 845c    USB
HP    DeskJet 895c    USB
HP    DeskJet 930c    USB
HP    DeskJet 960c    USB
HP    970 CSE            USB
HP    3200 Series       USB
HP    Deskjet 5440     USB
HP    Deskjet 5650    USB
HP    DeskJet 6122    Does not work well with foreign languages
HP    DeskJet 6540
HP    Deskjet 9800
HP DeskJet 6988
HP DeskJet 6940 
HP    DeskJet 470, cbi, wbt    Mobile Printer, USB - optional Battery and Bluetooth
HP    LaserJet 1012    Turn on the BrailleNote after connecting the USB printer cable. If a "card not recognised" message is heard, press ENTER and continue.
Hp K8600
HP LaserJet 1150
HP    LaserJet 1200
HP    LaserJet 1320
HP    LaserJet 2600N    USB, Ethernet
HP    OfficeJet AIO V40
HP    OfficeJet Pro K550
HP  Office  Jet H470
HP OfficeJet  J6480 All in One - model CB029A
HP OfficeJet 6310 All in One - model Q8061A #ABA
HP office jet k5400
HP Photosmart 7160
HP Photosmart 7850
HP Photosmart C5280 All in One Printer (works via usb and only)
HP PhotoSmart D5360
HP Photosmart c6280
HP Photo Smart d7650
Lexmark E321 via usb with 7.2 or higher
Samsung    Laser ML-2250    USB 


Enabling    Juliet
Enabling    Juliet Pro
Enabling    Romeo Attache
Enabling    Romeo Attache
Mt Batten

Mobile Phones

Nokia    GSM6600 Blue Tooth Cell Phone


Logitech    diNovo Bluetooth Keyboard    USB dongle but will pair with BrailleNote Bluetooth
Logitech    Mx 3000 Cordless Desktop    USB dongle
Microsoft    M54-00004 Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth    USB dongle but will pair with BrailleNote Bluetooth
Microsoft    WBR0295 Bluetooth Optical Keyboard    USB dongle but will pair with BrailleNote Bluetooth
Think Outside    Stow Away BlueTooth keyboard    USB dongle but will pair with BrailleNote Bluetooth
Grandtec    Virtually Indestructible Keyboard    Flexible, Rollable,

Exernal Hard Drives

Floppy Drives

Dynex    DX-EF101 External 3.5" Floppy Drive    USB
LaCie    LaCie Pocket Floppy Disk Drive    USB
SmartDisk    FDUSB-TM2 Floppy Disk Drive    USB
TDK    USB Floppy Drives

Hard Disks

Apple    Ipod shuffle 1GB
ARCHOS    Arcdisk 20GB USB portable hard disk
I/Omagic    Gigabank 4GB USB hard disk
Toshiba    30GB drive
Toshiba    60GB pocket hard drive
Western Digital    WD Passport™ Portable 80 GB WDXMx800UE

Flash Drives

Memorex    128MB USB thumb drive
iRiver    H340 40GB USB hard disk
USBPNY    Attaché USB Thumb Key
SanDisk    Mini Kruzer USB thumb drive
San Disk    Titanium Kruzer 1GB jump drive
Staples    Relay 512MB USB thumb drive

Memory Cards


Kingston    DP-PCM2-5GB DataPak 5GB micro drive    Type II PCMCIA (PC card)
Toshiba    MK5002MPL PCMCIA 5GB micro drive    Type II PCMCIA (PC card)


Lexar    128MB-4GB    Value, Platinum, Pro
KeyMem    128MB-8GB    Standard
Kingston    64MB-4GB    Standard, Elite Pro, Ultimate
SanDisk    64MB-4GB    Standard, Ultra II-III, Extreme III
SanDisk    8GB CF card    Ultra II-III, Extreme III-IV
SanDisk    Sdwcfb-128-768 Connect PlusWiFi + Memory    Wireless 802.11b & 128 MB Type 1 CF Card
Viking    64MB-4GB    Standard, High Speed, Professional


Lexar     64MB-2GB    Value, Platinum, Pro
Kingston    64MB-2GB    Standard, Elite Pro, Ultimate
SanDisk    64MB-2GB    Standard, Ultra II-II Plus, Extreme III
Viking    64MB-2GB    Standard, High Speed, Professional


Ambicom    WL1100C-CF revision 2only    Type 1 CF 802.11b 11Mbps
Ambicom    WL54-CF Type II CF 802.11g 54Mbps
SanDisk     SDWCFB-128-768 Connect Plus WiFi + Memory card    Type 1 CF 802.11b & 128 MB


Socket    EA2902-139 Rugged Low Power Ethernet    Type 1 CF


ACTiSYS    Infrared to parallel converter ACT-IR100M
Extended Systems    Infrared to Parallel Adapter Jeteye - ESI-9580A
BlueTake    Bluetooth to Parallel converter BT200    For use on printer. Will receive Bluetooth™ signal from Notetaker.
Belkin    USB to parallel converter - F5U002
Digi    USB to multi interface Edgeport 421 (4USB, 2Serial, 1 Parallel)    First you must connect cable then turn on mPower
D-link    USB to Parallel DSB-P36    First you must connect cable then turn on mPower
Dynex    USB to Parallel DX-UBPC    First you must connect cable then turn on mPower
Hawking    USB to Parallel converter HUC1284P    Turn off printer and MPower first, then attach USB to parallel converter, then turn on printer and then MPower
IOgear    USB to Parallel Adapter - GUC1284B
RadioShack    USB to Parallel Converter Model: 26-184    First you must connect cable then turn on mPower
StarTech    USB to Parallel Converter - ICUSB1284


Giant Squid Audio Lab    Mini Gold Plated Mono Mic