BrailleNote Classic Compatibility

This page details the peripheral devices that have been found to work with the BrailleNote Classic.

Note: Not all devices have been verified by Humanware. We welcome your feedback. To send feedback, email us on

Printers Embossers External Hard Drives
Memory Cards WiFi Ethernet Converters  


Please note: Printer technology and model availability change rapidly. Please help us keep current by sending feedback to

Brother    HL 5140 Laser Printer   Works via the Bluetake BT200 adapter
Canon    BubbleJet BJC-85    Mobile printer. IrDA1.1, Parallel
Canon    Pixma iP90    Bubble Jet Printer IrDA1.1
Epson    STYLUS C86
Epson    STYLUS C1280
HP    LaserJet 1160
HP    LaserJet 1320
HP    LaserJet 2420
Samsung    Laser ML-2250    Parallel - optional Ethernet and WiFi


Enabling    Juliet
Enabling    Juliet Pro
Enabling    Romeo Attache
Enabling    Romeo Attache Pro
Mount Batten

External Hard Drives

Accurite Floppy Drive   Super disk drive

Memory Cards


Kingston    PCM2-5GB DataPak 5GB micro drive    Type II PCMCIA (PC card)
Toshiba    MK5002MPL PCMCIA 5GB micro drive    Type II PCMCIA (PC card)


Kingston    16-128MB    Standard
SanDisk    16MB-256MB    Standard, Ultra II-III, Extreme III


Ambicom    WL1100C-CF revision 2only    Type 1 CF 802.11b 11Mbps
CISCO    Aironet 340/350 Series    PCMCIA, 802.1 1b 11Mbps


Socket    EA2902-139 Rugged Low Power Ethernet    Type 1 CF


Extended Systems    Infrared to Parallel Adapter Jeteye - ESI-9580A