Prodigi Connect App :


Prodigi Connect OCR Engine App


Speech Engine and Voice AppEnglish 



To install Prodigi Connect Software on a licensed Tablet:
1.    From the Prodigi Tablet web Browser, tap to download:
a.    Prodigi Connect App
b.    Prodigi Connect OCR Engine App
c.    App for the voice package you require: under Speech Engine and Voice App.
2.    Install all 3 apps downloaded, in same order (Download folder of My Files)
3.    Launch Prodigi from home button or Tablet Desktop icon.  

To change Voice package on Prodigi:
1.    Connect to Wi-Fi internet network
2.    Under Settings / General, tap on System Language
3.    Click on Other and select the language you require.
4.    Select in the list, the voice package corresponding to the gender and secondary voice needed.
5.    Once selected, download will start, tap on install to proceed.  Tap on Done when installation is finished.